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                  2019-02-22 广东
                  所在地区£º 广东 发布日期£º 2019年2月22日




                        Announcement on the International Design Competition for Bao¡¯an Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace and the N6 Park of Bao¡¯an Center


                       With a view to implementing the meeting spirit for the work of mass organizations by the CPC Central Committee and Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, and building ¡°schools and paradises¡± for the workers where they can enrich knowledge, cultivate talents and enjoy cultural activities, Bao¡¯an District Government has put it high on the agenda to build a cultural palace for workers (the working people) with national reputation and world-class standards in Bao¡¯an Center.  The cultural palace is expected to offer multiple services including guidance and assistance, legal aid, entrepreneurship, education & training, psychological consulting and rich cultural & sports activities, etc., and unified design and construction will be conducted for the two projects (namely ¡°Bao¡¯an Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace¡± and ¡°the N6 park¡±).


                       In order to speed up the construction of Bao¡¯an Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace, Shenzhen Bao¡¯an District Federation of Trade Unions is organizing this International Design Competition for Bao¡¯an Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace and the N6 Park of Bao¡¯an Center, aiming to seek world-class design teams with excellent design schemes.

                  1¡¢项目规模和位置 Project Scale and Location

                         项目位于深圳市宝安中心区新湖路与兴华一?#26041;?#27719;处£¬总用地面积23860©O¡£其中£¬宝安区工人文化宫用地面积8670©O£¬ N6公园用地面积15190©O¡£规定建筑面积约85000©O¡£

                         The project site is located at the intersection between Xinhu Road and Xinghua 1st Road of Bao¡¯an Center in Shenzhen, covering a total area of 23,860 square meters (sqm), with Bao¡¯an Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace of 8,670 sqm and the N6 Park of 15,190sqm. The planned overall capacity building area is about 8,500 sqm.

                  2¡¢组织方式 Organization


                        This International Competition is composed of three stages, namely Prequalification as Stage I, Design Competition as Stage II and Post-Bid Design as Stage III. For the Prequalification Stage, six shortlisted design teams will be selected out to enter the next stage. For the second stage, two recommended schemes will be selected out from the six schemes submitted by the six shortlisted design teams, and then the jury panel of final selection will select the winning bid from the two recommended schemes. The design team whose scheme is evaluated as the winning bid will win the follow-up design task.

                  3¡¢时间计划 Schedule


                  This design tender is planned to be finished by early June, 2019, and the construction is expected to kick off in October or November of 2019. 

                  4¡¢相关费用 Fees

                         通过资格预审选出的设计机构提交?#32454;?#35774;计方案但未被评选为推荐方案?#30446;?#33719;得设计补偿费人民币陆拾万元整£¨小写600,000 元£©£»

                        Among the six shortlisted design teams for this tender, for the four shortlisted bidders, who have passed prequalification and whose submittals have been evaluated as qualified but not listed as recommended bids, each can receive RMB Six Hundred Thousand Yuan (£¤600,000) as design compensation;

                        被评选为推荐方案但未中标的设计机构可获得设计补偿费人民币贰佰万元整£¨小写2,000,000 元£©£»

                        the design team whose design scheme is recommended by the jury panel of design schemes while failing to win the bid, can receive a design compensation of RMB Two Million Yuan (£¤2,000,000);


                        The design team whose scheme is evaluated as the winning bid by the jury panel of final selection will be eligible to receive the follow-up design contract. The amount of design fees (fees of feasibility study for both Bao¡¯an Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace and the N6 Park included) for the Post-Bid Design Stage will be calculated as 4.17% of the construction and installation cost approved (or recorded) by the Development and Reform Bureau of Bao'an District.

                  5¡¢资质要求 Registration Requirements 


                         This is an internationally open competition and consortiums are accepted.


                         Design firms registering independently shall have the Construction Industry (Architectural Engineering) Class-A Qualification or Architectural Design Institute Class-A Qualification or above of PRC.


                         For consortiums, the leading party shall have the Construction Industry (Architectural Engineering) Class-A Qualification or Architectural Design Institute Class-A Qualification or above of PRC.

                  6¡¢报名方式 Registration Method

                        有意向参与此次投标的单位请登陆深圳市建设工程交易服务中心宝安分中心£¨www.bajsjy.com£©获取资格预审文件并按资格预审文件要求进行报名£¬本次竞赛所有文件以深圳市建设工程交易服务中心宝安分中心网站公示的为准¡£相关文件资料可发邮件至[email protected]索取¡£

                       Design teams that are interested in this bidding could visit the official website of Bao¡¯an Branch, Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trade Service Center (www.bajsjy.com) to acquire the Prequalification Document and apply for this competition accordingly. The registration deadline will be subject to the time announced in this website. Relevant materials can be inquired by sending email to [email protected]

                    7¡¢咨询方式 Enquiry

                    张元海£¨中文£©  电话£º+86755 8290 7866  手机£º+86 13631600111  

                    赖修竹£¨英文£©  电话£º+86755 8290 9299  手机£º+86 13530670439

                  Mr. Zhang (for Chinese)  Tel: +86755 8290 7866  Mob: +86 13631600111  

                  Ms.Lai (for English)      Tel: +86755 8290 9299  Mob: +86 13530670439

                  E-mail£º[email protected]


                  特别提示 Special Attention:


                        This tender mainly includes three stages: Prequalification as Stage I, Design Competition and Final Selection as Stage II, and Post-Bid Design as Stage III.


                       Important Note: Registration Documents for prequalification shall be submitted to the Bao¡¯an Branch of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trade Service Center, Floor 4, No.17, Jia¡¯an Road, Section 42 of Baocheng, Bao¡¯an District, Shenzhen.


                      Design firms that register independently shall apply for entering the online records and the CA digital certificate of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trade Service Center in advance; those that register as a consortium shall make sure the leading party has applied for entering the online records and the CA digital certificate in advance as well, while the other members of the consortium only need to be on the online records. Applicants please apply for the records and digital certificate before submitting the registration documents for prequalification.

                       4. 深圳市建设工程交易服务中心宝安分中心£¨www.bajsjy.com£©£¬信息登记网址£¨https://www.szjsjy.com.cn:8001/jy-zhaobiao/register.html£©¡£

                  The official website of Bao¡¯an Branch, Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trade Service Center is www.bajsjy.com, and the website for applying for the online records and CA digital certificates is 按照客观¡¢公正¡¢公开的原则£¬本条信息受业主方委托独家指定在中国建设招标网 www.tcsf.tw 发布



                  帮您跟对合适的项目¡¢找对准确的负责人¡¢全面掌握各项目的业主单位¡¢设计院¡¢总包单位¡¢施工企业的项目 经理¡¢项目负责人的详细联系方式¡£